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Erasmus+ experience - Atraf Mustafayev, University of Lodz, Poland

Submitted by eribaric on 19 March, 2021 - 10:59


About me

I am Atraf Mustafayev, a student of the University of Lodz in Poland. Actually, I am from Azerbaijan but I went to Poland because I wanted to study abroad and get new experiences with different kind of people. After this decision, I started my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. From the beginning of my study, there has always been an idea in my mind that I have to participate in Erasmus to become more multicultural, to meet new people from different countries and improve my language skills. It was February 2020 and my University announced that the Application for Erasmus+ Mobility Program is open now. When I saw a list of Universities I can apply to, I decided immediately that I have to go to Rijeka, Croatia. Because this country always was in my Top 10 where I would like to travel. So, it was a great chance for me and after so many hard months cause of Covid-19, I came to Rijeka, Croatia on the 27th of September 2020.

Polytechnic of Rijeka

From the time when I got an e-mail from the Polytechnic of Rijeka till the last day of my Erasmus mobility, every staff member was so kind and helpful. Especially I would like to be thankful to Marijana Jakopič Ganić who was like a friend to us. She helped every time when we asked something or we had difficulties. Also, she was recommending to us some activities to do in Rijeka or the whole Croatia and places to visit. I had Erasmus buddy as well - Lorena Crnkovic. She was a great assistance to apply for Residence Permit and to get Student Card.

If I am asked to talk about my Professors at Polytechnic of Rijeka, I would say they are among the most polite teachers I have ever met. I had 9 courses and more than 10 professors of which I have only good memories. Every week they were trying to do their best to teach me about their subjects since I was among rare English speaking students who were attending their courses.

Student Life

I am fully satisfied with student life in Rijeka. The dormitory is modern equipped located in a nice place. Since the majority of Erasmus students were placed in a dormitory, we had such a great time every day. At the beginning, it was out of restrictions and we were going out almost every night to hang out. During those days I met a lot of Croatian people who were so kind and talkative. Even when the restrictions came, we were not that much sad like other people because we were still together in a dormitory and we were meeting new Croatian students there every day.
There is a student canteen near the dormitory which was so cheap with our Student Card. That’s why I cook 2 or 3 times on my own during 5 months.
Rijeka beaches were one of the best places where we had plenty of parties.


To be an Erasmus student, especially in Rijeka, Croatia was the best choice of my life. I had the greatest and unforgettable time there. I made good friendships and we already decided to have a trip for next year together to Croatia. That’s Erasmus which you will never forget!!!

Thank you for everything, Rijeka!!!
Atraf Mustafayev
Best Erasmus Student :)