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Occupational Safety Department

Head of Department
Erika Gržin, Lecturer

Occupational Safety Department of the Polytechnic of Rijeka carries out one first-level program and one second-level program in the field of occupational safety.

Upon completion of the undergraduate professional study program of Occupational Safety, students are qualified to begin their professional career in their work environment.
By meeting the requirements of the undergraduate professional study program of Occupational Safety and gaining 180 ECTS credits, students obtain the professional title:
  • Professional Bachelor of Safety and Protection Engineering
The students who gained the abovementioned professional title at the Polytechnic of Rijeka or at some other institution of higher education can enrol in the study program that provides a higher level of training and which is carried out by Occupational Safety Department. By completing this study program and gaining the total amount of 300 ECTS credits (180 +120 ECTS credits), students obtain the title:
  • Professional Specialist Engineer of Safety and Protection
All programs of the Occupational Safety Department are carried out as full-time and part-time at the Polytechnic of Rijeka headquarters.


Occupational Safety Department Programs - the Structure of Study Programs

  1. Occupational Safety in Industry
  2. Fire Protection
  3. General Safety
During the first two years of the study program, students gain fundamental knowledge from the area of Occupational Safety and in the third year they decide on one of the tracks by enrolling into a group of courses which are characterized by specific content of the track.
  1. Occupational Safety in Industry
  2. Fire Protection
  3. General Safety
The study program is carried out during two years. The classes are taken during the first three semesters and in the fourth semester students undergo on-the-job training and write a specialist thesis.
In the second year students choose their track and hence adjust the study program to their goals and needs of future employment.